Let your choices reflect your hopes.

I am Jyoti Tiwari ,35 years old, a Social worker , working for Childhood Cancer Awareness in Pune.
Basically I have lost my Mom to Breast Cancer when I was young. Later, a very close young family member (at 2.5 years of age) was detected by Blood Cancer.
He has completed his 3 years treatment protocol from Tata Memorial Mumbai.
The time when I watched such a young person go through his battle was actually a turning point of my life.
Cancer is still taken as a tabboo on our Society. Nobody talks openly especially when it comes to a child.
Similarly it was not at all easy for me to talk to the audience at various meets.

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But I decided to do so, so that they become positive about their child’s future , the life after the long treatment for Cancer.

I started working with various hospitals like Deenanath Mangeshkar, Sasson hospital, Command Hospital, Bharati hospital and also many support groups to help people going through similar journey.
I help the caregivers(parents of child patients) get some hope for their own child through my story.
I am Ambassador at Pinkanthon, India’s largest women Run, with main objective to spread Awareness of Breast Cancer.
I have been able to be a Pune -Region Co -ordinator with Yoddhas-Indian Fighting against Cancer (an UNESCO awarded NGO ,Delhi).We have 16k plus patients on our groups from all over the world.
I am trying to give my bit of it back to the society.
I hope you find my story Inspiring.
You can reach me anytime ,if you need anything more.

Author – Jyoti Tiwari

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