Married at 19, Beauty Queen now!


My Journey began about a decade ago. Well, it sounds like a very long time but trust me it flew like a dream that we see while asleep !!

A blessing in disguise.. Wow Really !! I got married at 19 with someone I fell in love with. My two Lovely daughters and a son make me complete!!

I knew I wasn’t prepared for the future journey. I was aware that it wasn’t going to be easy either. Yes you guessed it Right!! To challenge my abilities, defy my limitations to carve out a new “ME”.

In my initial attempt to walk the ramp, I am proud to say that I failed. Not just once but several times. Year after Year from 2009 to 2016 , each time I failed I found a new way to succeed. Finally With my continuous efforts and overcoming criticism I Won the Mrs. Pune Style Icon in 2017.

I have never looked back since. This was just a small leap and what followed has transformed me to what I am Today, a Self-Motivated and Confident Woman that could face and overcome any obstacle in Life.

I went on to win many Pageants since then like,

  • Mrs. United Nations Elite Ambassador 2018
  • Mrs. ASIA Goodwill International 2018
  • Ran Ragini Mom & Me 2018
  • Planet Mrs. India 2017
  • Calendar face of the Year 2017
  • Mrs. Western Maharashtra 2017
  • Mrs. Maharashtra Fashion Icon 2017

I would like to conclude with a thought that always Inspired me “Trust your abilities and overcome the Fear within You- Success will follow for Sure!!”

Author – Mrs. Payal Pramanik

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