My Story of Success


I was a HR head in one of the MNC in Mumbai. After the birth of my daughter my husband got an opportunity in MNC at Pune. So, we shifted to Pune. Life had planned something else for us. After a year he lost his job and life came as turmoil.

I was already jobless after my child’s birth and now he also lost his job. All alone in new city we were in big mess. We could only hope that we come out of this situation.

I started contacting my friends to get me some work till my husband got another job. After a while I found a small light at the end of long tunnel. One of my friends had suggested me a recruitment job. It was huge task and it was difficult to fulfill the requirements due to its technical and creative nature. But it was the only work that could have saved me so I was determined to make it successful. I met the director of that company who had worked with Disney previously. I started searching for all different sorts of skilled workers including welder, electricians, creative artists, sculptures and so on…

But that was not the end, my client asked me put these workers as contractors. So the big question was, how?? Quickly I took a decision to form a Proprietorship and got all these employees on my payroll. Work had started at a good pace and my monetary problem was solved. But it was quite challenging for a woman entrepreneur to deal with these men on day to day basis. I had to deal with their daily problems and I had to resolve it at my end. Sometimes I even faced life-threatening calls from local goons for not taking their people on my payroll. But at the end all went well and I became a part of very prestigious project that is none other than ADLABS IMAGICA.

This is my Story of success!

Author- Madhavi Mohite

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