My story of Self Belief


“If you believe in your work, keep going at it passionately.” – Tasneem Contractor

Always be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone.
I have always been good at fine arts. I used to make a lot of clay sculptures earlier and got interested in baking when one day my sister taught me how to bake doughnuts. Soon we tried out new recipes and one thing led to another, and my journey as a baker began, with encouragement and support from my sister.
Being a single parent, home baking also seemed like the most practical choice, since I had to look after my children, work and manage my other responsibilities simultaneously.
My first cake was a disaster. It was baked for my daughter’s birthday, who had just started walking. Thinking it was a chair, my little baby sat on the cake and smashed it! I still remember, “It was the first smashed cake in our entire family.”
I also learnt baking through online tutorials and experience.
I personally love structure cakes. They are in fact the USP of my brand and have earned me awards as well. Usually, People in this city usually don’t go for structured cakes, this is something I really want to focus on and I have even started teaching it.
In the next five years, I really want to take B&R Bakers to such a level that it can be taken forward by my kids so that when they grow up, they already have a well-established platform that they can take to higher levels and put up a cafe cum workshop where I can take orders as well as conduct classes. Isn’t it, an interesting concept!
My journey of baking started with lots of struggle, During the initial years, I had no orders. But if I had stopped at that time, saying that I have a very limited budget and have to manage the household responsibilities as well as my kids, then I definitely would not be where I am today. Despite all these hurdles, I just kept going.
Keep experimenting and practicing until you find success.
Author – Tasneem Contractor

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