How I found Myself


I have always been up to the mark throughout my life. When I was in school, I learned Yoga and Karate. When I started my journey towards my graduation, I already had Dietician, Beauty Therapy and Fashion Designing Diploma certifications with me. But still there was something I was seeking to learn. Those days my passion towards healing was profound, but somehow I was not able to find myself to join any Training for that.

As years passed on, I started my career in the HR domain, being surrounded with people I was always interacting with many people from many regions. Job and home business of hobby classes were going hand-in-hand, but again something within me was always seeking something higher of me. Love of parents, self-earned Money and Security was and is always with me. But then what was I seeking? I was totally unaware of it. I was constantly in search of that.

Long back there was a time when I was a victim of my own thoughts, it was my Karma and I must accept it, there was nothing I could do but suffer through, a lot of hopelessness and passiveness was in my mind.

Suddenly a light came and whispered “you can pacify, remove the desire of being a victim. I can vouch for the fact that it was a call from my guru to have a big change in my life, and I answered him by my choices. My prayers got answered. That time has gone and my journey started of totally different positive life of being me.
Later I found the key of every thought is within me. Self-love, self-esteem, self acceptance , Kindness and Courage.

As my journey started with these keys which were lying within me, I pursued my studies in Bach Flower Remedies, CBT, Mindfulness, healing, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Therapeutic Art Teacher.

Now I can see only opportunities, infinite opportunities towards my life, which is helping me to change others’ life too. The possibilities of the world are limitless and the potential progress of mine is also limitless.

I consciously started my journey to develop potentials of my body, mind, and soul. I left my victim circumstances in my past. The past where I see only limitations. Now I stretch my mind’s elastic and I can see the “infinite me, the powerful me”.

The more I started manifesting my life in positive ways, the giving ability of mine has increased. Today I am highly obliged for my initiative of ParipurnaLife which is conceptualized by my brother Teju. ParipurnaLife is not only having perfect family or perfect relationships, job or career, but ParipurnaLife for an individual is Happy Mind, healthy body and Harmony at soul. At ParipurnaLife I conduct various Customized KEY free and paid sessions of Bach Flower, Self-Love, Therapeutic journalizing, Corporate Yogi, Yogi in Me, Aatmavan Bhav, Meditation, Yoga and ParipurnaWellness .

The people who know me, know my journey from Victim – Self-Awareness – Self-Love – Giving to Society – Achieving the best towards Victory is going on.

On this occasion of International Women’s day let me thank all the women who have active or passive participation for shaping me.

Dedicated to mother earth, Universe, Guru, my mom and dad, Minal, Teju, Sisters, Brothers, Sis/Brother in laws, colleagues, friends, internet influencers, teachers and my superiors in all my careers. I am grateful to have you in my life, because of you I am what I am today.

Thank you

Big Love and Light

Author – Manasi Madhavi Kurlekar

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