Therapies which are based on ” NO MEDICINE”.


Hello friends ,

I, Lavisha Vijay sancheti , am an ACUTHERAPIST & AURICULARIST, based in pune(India).
Introducing you all to these therapies which are based on title ” NO MEDICINE”.

Yes!!!. You can now get rid of all your diseases without any medicines with the help of these therapies.
Auricular therapy is a therapy where pressure points are given on ears.
Acupressure therapy is a therapy where pressure points are given on whole body if needed. Mainly are given on hands and legs.
I would like to share few protocols in coming articles too for general problems faced by people.
Modes of treatment in acupressure is by many ways.
If through pressure points, its known as acupressure therapy.
If through needles, its known as acupuncture therapy.
If through seeds, its known as seed therapy.
If through color, it’s known as color therapy.
If through magnets, its known as magnet therapy.
Acupressure believes that disease is occured because there is imbalance of energy in body. Hence energy is balanced through these modes as required.
Here I am going to share general and very easy treatment for commonly faced probelm i.e ACIDITY.
Mark on ur left palm as shown in picture, with bottle green color SKETCH pen and keep it for 6-8 hrs and see the amazing results.
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Thank you shweta potdar mam and Puneri Thaska for giving me an opportunity to spread this simple therapy to all the people who are unaware of this.
ACUTHERAPIST & AURICULARIST, based in pune(India).