How to overcome the flip-flops of New Year Resolutions

Come December, we’re all ready with notepads and pens to chalk out our plan for the year
We include the mandatory health goals that are more often than not forgotten within the first
few weeks of the New Year.
The best case scenario is when you wake up every morning, put on those ridiculously
expensive new jogging shoes, exercise attire and start famous diets, charging ahead with
spirit attending every possible health class you could have joined!

And this you tend to do every morning with gusto for the first ten days! But the eleventh day
finds you invariably cursing your jogging shoes, your muscles and the holy Almighty above;
the jog, diets all fizzle over tending to become a thing of the past.
So, why is it that most of our health resolutions flip flop despite a desperate need to
accomplish them? We brainstormed a little and came up with a few possible reasons and
how we can overcome them.

  1. Health Awareness
    We will prepare our teenage son for the stressful 12th Standard Board exams but we will not
    educate ourselves about his health needs, exercise, diet to help him maintain good health,
    memory and concentration levels during the stressful exam period. We often don’t know how
    really harmful our food habits can be!
    Not knowing our body and how different diets could affect us, we go overboard on
    crash-diets and overnight remedies that affect our body adversely at times.
    At any given age, it is important to know about our health and fitness levels and where we
    stand clinically. So, clinical tests needs to be done from time to time and we must get an
    opinion from the Doctor for the same .
  2. Commitments
    While we toil endlessly to get our projects done on time, with the incentive of the pending
    promotions, we do not show the same dedication towards our health. If you think there is no
    incentive here, remind yourself that your health is all you have that you can actively control.
    A healthy mind and a healthy body will form the perfect package for a happy life.
    Avoid making Flip-flop commitments and stay committed to oneself. One can always seek
    professional help to stay committed towards individual health goals.
  3. Priority
    We need to wake up and realize that our health and lifestyle issues are important. We do not
    even consider health issues to be factors in our life that could have a real effect on
    everything we do. Why do we have to wait to get those health shockers for waking up to the
    realities of our current health status?

Remember to keep individual health goals as your top priority for the year and go for it!
Prioritize health and fitness and take on individual health goals. It is always better to take up
preventive measures rather than curative measures as a last resort!

  1. Our mindset about scientific coaching
    It is either misdirection or sheer unwillingness, but while we hire three different tutors for our
    kindergarten children, we never look for guidance from a health expert. There is a wealth of
    unverified information on the internet that often misguides us. We should seek help for one’s
    personalised healthy lifestyle from expert consultant. This is one way that our progress will
    be mapped and monitored.
    Change your own mindset about health and ask for expert help and advice which will surely
    get you there, faster than you can imagine!
  2. Goal Setting
    They say, “A Goal, without a Plan is just a wish!”
    We want instant results and get disappointed when things don’t work out that way.We tend
    to follow crazy diets in the blind race to become status symbols. For instance, we start too
    many health activities and that too all of them together at the same time which leads us to
    exhaustion affecting our body adversely. What we need to realize is that our body is a
    temple and it needs enough devotion and dedication before things start to turn out in the
    manner we expected.
    Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound)
    Set personalised small health goals. Take one step at a time, till it is achievable and then
    move on to the next goal till you get the results you want!
  3. Attitude
    They say, “The body achieves what the mind believes”
    Developing the right attitude towards our own health and lifestyle can take us onto healthy
    living and giving us the happiness and success we want to achieve.
    For more on this, check out our previous year’s New Year Resolution ‘Yes I Can’ to develop
    the right balance between good health, right mindset and positive attitude.

So this New Year, before any other resolution, let us promise ourselves to make small but
effective lifestyle changes that can surpass big and momentary changes. Let us promise
ourselves to prioritize our health and take conscious efforts in trying to be our healthiest best
for a power packed year ahead!

Author- Dr Manisha Bandishti

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Dr. Manisha Bandishti
Lifestyle for Health
303, 3rd floor, Choice ‘C’ Apartment

Opposite Millenium Star Building
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