The Soul Connect


Are you related? By blood? By love? Aur like muh bola. As, we, often hear this I think hard… What is a relationship? Answers galore but I feel it’s  relating your vibes your energies, your oneness with another individual. The soul connect is often how I would relate to a relationship. 

Avid reading over relationships made me realise that the bond between two individuals is built through common connections, ideations, energy levels, vibe jibes and situation or events. Love is a strong relationship. It’s equally strong as hate. So is friendship and so is enemity. It is related to the common connect and disconnect. 

My take would be connecting your vibes with your kind of tribe. Feeling oneness with another should be the true definition and heralded celebrations of any relationship. Let the positives flow. Let the energies tune in and the smiles grow. 

Rela(relay) tion(shine) ship (board) so… Relay and shine in the harboured ship n set sail .

Author- Sangeeta Guha

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