Style and Confidence


What’s your Style?
Fashion is what’s in trend and style is when you make your look your own trend. That’s how you become a trendsetter. Well that’s how I understand style. I am neither a diva nor a model. Just a curvy flabby girl next door. I still want to look my best. 
So what do I do to look good. Well , the journey towards stylising myself begins with wearing my confidence first and smile second. Believe me, that’s what sets the trend for what will follow next. I am 5 feet one inches tall and a whole of around 80 kgs but when I wear my own clothes which are oddly filled with some extra xxx s I do not let anyone dictate me to wear this or look good in that. 
I wear my designer simple bindi to take away the look from my double chin to my eyes and my forehead. I Wear my beady smile and wear all the colours , patterns and kind of clothes which I want to wear. Gorgeous me inside out. That’s what I tell myself and would like to tell you too. Walk the confidence. Brim the smile eye to eye and mark your presence among others. 
Tall, short , large , small doesn’t matter when you can carry it all with confidence.

Author- Sangeeta Guha

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